Who we are...
A volunteer community organization located in the Southern Central Rockies of Colorado.
It's a privilege to live in Custer County, Colorado;  a rural, unique, ranching community
nestled in the Wet Mountain Valley.  Sustainable Ways assists the community by setting
examples of life in harmony with nature while increasing awareness of sustainable ways of

Leading the way...
Sustainable Ways is concerned with the impact of human actions on our Earth, our
children and future generations.  A healthy balanced Earth should be passed on.  We are
committed to making changes to improve homes, communities,our nation and world.  This
is done through acting in sustainable ways.

Sustainable Ways Mission Statement:

To educate, advocate, and demonstrate ways of living that are consistent with
the principles of sustainability: for our selves, our families, and our community.

Sustainable Ways is comprised of focus groups committed to improving the quality of life
within the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado.  Sustainable behavior is promoted in areas of
healthy food production, community education, recycling, green construction, renewable
energy, natural resources protection, and other earth-friendly technologies.

Sustainable Ways - PO Box 672 - Westcliffe, CO 81252

A Colorado non-profit 501C3 organization dedicated to educating, advocating,
and demonstrating sustainable ways of living in Colorado's Wet Mountain Valley.
Being Vocal About Shopping Local

Sustainable Ways promotes the growth of hometown businesses and the local community by
encouraging everyone to shop local.  By choosing to shop locally, you help your town prosper and
receive benefits that only local businesses can provide:
  • Employment - Hometown businesses employ local residents, creating jobs for you as well as
    your friends, family, and neighbors.

  • Quality Merchandise - When you buy locally, you know the reputation of the business.  If you
    are unhappy with a purchase, they will make sure you are satisfied.

  • Economic Development - Every dollar spent here will circulate numerous times throughout
    the community.  This economic growth will attract businesses, create jobs, and improve the
    quality of life.

The recycle bins
by the Sheriff's
Office are moving
to the west end of
the Fire
Department on
June 1st.